Preparing For Your Regular Eye Exam

Preparing For Your Regular Eye Exam

Preparing For Your Regular Eye Exam

Preparing For Your Regular Eye Exam

Preparing For Your Regular Eye Exam

Preparing For Your Regular Eye Exam in West New York

Before getting an eye exam, it's a good idea to be prepared. You want to make sure that you get all of your eye concerns addressed before leaving the office. This information will help you get prepared before visiting Dr. Romeu Eye Associates for your eye exam.

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you have been experiencing changes in your vision, here are some questions our optometrists during your next eye exam:

  • Have I noticed any issues with my vision - even if they seem minor - such as nearsightedness, blurry vision, light sensitivity, or eye strain?

  • Have I had any health issues or diagnoses since my last eye appointment that my optometrist should know about?

  • Do I have any problems distinguishing between reds and greens?

  • Do I have any issues judging distances or shifting my focus from near too far?

  • Does my family have a history of certain eye issues such as glaucoma or cataracts?

  • Do I prefer glasses or contacts? If glasses, what kind of frame shape do I like?

  • Would I like to see if I'm eligible for LASIK or another type of corrective surgery?

  • Do I play any sports that I might need special eye protection for?


What To Bring During Your Eye Exam

When you visit our optometrist in West New York, our teams suggest you bring the following items and/or information to provide you with the most accurate and precise eye appointment. These include:

  • Your current glasses or contacts

  • Your current vision insurance card

  • Any prescription or over-the-counter medications you're taking

  • The contact information of your primary care doctor

  • A friend or family member to drive you home in case you get your pupils dilated


Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Romeu Eye Associates

When it's time for your routine eye exam or you have any concerns with your eyes, visit one of our doctors at Dr. Romeu Eye Associates. We offer full exams and a full range of services to help you get your vision back to where it should be. Call us or use our online form to make an appointment with us today.