Ortho K in West New York, NJ

Ortho K in West New York, NJ

Ortho K in West New York, NJ

Ortho K in West New York, NJ

Ortho K in West New York, NJ

Ortho K with Dr. Romeu Eye Associates

If you rely on contacts or glasses to be able to see clearly, we know that you’ve dreamed of being able to just get through the day with perfect vision while not having to wear any type of corrective lens. While there are many surgeries out there that can help with this, we also know that the idea of lasers in your eye can be kind of scary. Fortunately, for those of us that want a different option, Ortho K, or orthokeratology is an answer to our needs.

Ortho K

What is Ortho K?

Ortho K is a process that uses gas permeable lenses to help reshape the cornea while you sleep. Gas permeable contact lenses are also referred to as hard contacts and have a rigid feel to them. When you wear your prescribed lenses, they help to reform the cornea during your sleep, and then you take them off when you wake up. Your eyes will hold their shape throughout the day so you can enjoy all of your favorite activities with a clear vision and no prescription lenses.

Ortho K for Myopia

Myopia, or nearsightedness, means that you can see objects that are close but not far away. Millions of people have myopia, but Ortho K can help fix that. In fact, ortho K is a great option for almost anybody who has myopia, even children. This is a great option for kids because they cannot have Lasik or other laser surgeries, and their eyes are rapidly changing.

In several recent studies, Ortho K has been shown to reduce or slow the progression of myopia in children when worn regularly. This means that children may have better eyesight over the course of their lives because of early intervention rather than just having them wear glasses or contacts. In addition, children are more prone to breaking or losing glasses.

Orthokeratology is also used to help with the treatment of astigmatism, and in some cases, presbyopia.

The New Fad

Many people don’t want to be the first to try out new technology, and with good reason. Fortunately, Ortho K has been a long-standing treatment that has decades of use and testing behind it. Orthokeratology was first used in the 1940s when scientists understood that they could reshape the cornea in designed ways. There were subsequent advances in the science in the 1960s and the 1980s, but the use of the computer in the 1990’s really launched the effectiveness of Ortho K. You can rest assured that Ortho K is a safe approach to help correct your vision.

Not Just a Day

Ortho K is not a permanent vision solution. This means that you’ll have to regularly wear your prescription lenses while you sleep in order to reap the benefits. However, you don’t have to wear them every single night. The results will last for a day for almost all patients, and for most patients, it will even last two. Some patients even maintain their great vision beyond two days!

Because Ortho K is not a permanent vision correction, it also means that if you don’t like it, you can simply stop wearing them and return to contacts or glasses. There is no unchangeable surgery or scary side effects associated with Ortho K.


While the science and results of Orthokeratology are undeniable, most insurance companies don’t cover them. However, the costs are surprisingly affordable, especially for the ability to clearly see and participate in activities throughout the day without your prescription lenses.


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